Wild Horses Roam the Beaches!

Horsesrunningbeach 2
If you are not a frequent visitor to Ocean City and the Eastern Shore then you may not be aware of beautiful Assateague Island National Seashore located just minutes from the Historical Berlin and South Ocean City. The dramatic bridge and separate bike bridge set the stage for an amazing glimpse into the wildlife that inhabits this unique island.
Assateague Island is a 37 mile long barrier island famous for its beautiful undeveloped beaches, will horses and an array of bird species. Not only can you camp
on both the bay and ocean sides of the Island, but there are nature trails, kayak tours, and seasonal nature programs for all ages.
You can also purchase passes from a daily pass up to an annual pass. In some parts of the Island you can drive on the beach to fish, surf and sunbath then end the night with a beachfront bonfire!
As tempting as it is, if you see a herd of beautiful horses strolling along the edge of the ocean, DO NOT attempt to approach, pet or feed them. They are considered wild horses and human food can be dangerous to them. If you do see them while you are beaching it or camping, avoid them and keep your food hidden and packed up tightly as they have been known to raid your coolers and crash your picnics. So you would want to use the same cautionary steps as you would if camping in an area that has bears.
All in all, Assateague Island is a must visit on your next trip to Ocean City. For more information go to assateagueisland.com